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Licensing & Applications

Licensing & Applications

Marijuana Business Lawyers

Before starting a business in the cannabis industry, business owners need to obtain the required licenses to operate a legal marijuana business. Cannabis entrepreneurs need to be licensed by the state and their local jurisdiction in order to conduct business in the state, and each state and locality have different license application processes for business owners to complete. Using an experienced cannabis attorney to help navigate the license application process can dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to complete your license application.

The first step of the licensing process is to make sure your local government allows marijuana businesses to operate in the jurisdiction. Each state law creating a legal marijuana industry allows local jurisdictions to opt out of the program and many do so for various reasons. Once you’ve identified a local jurisdiction that will allow your business to operate, you can start the cannabis license application process.

While each cannabis license application is different, most of them want to know who owns the business, how the business is funded, and who outside the ownership group has the ability to control the business. Some license applications may ask for detailed operating and security plans while others require a social equity plan to demonstrate how your business will support the community. Having a knowledgeable cannabis business licensing attorney in your corner will help simplify the application process simple and allow you to focus on growing your cannabis business.

The experienced marijuana licensing attorneys at Cantafio & Song have been helping business owners through the licensing process since 2013. Let our knowledgeable team manage the entire application process while you focus on growing your marijuana business.

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