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In order to sell marijuana, and depending on the state, a vendor must possess a retail business license. Selling marijuana without the appropriate license can lead to serious legal trouble. We at Cantafio & Song PLLC have helped numerous individuals obtain retail marijuana licenses. We can help you petition for the kind of business license that best suits your goals. With decades of combined experience to our name, we have the tools and insight required to handle marijuana-related legal issues.

Applicants may apply for the following kinds of retail marijuana business licenses:

  • Manufacturing of marijuana products
  • Marijuana cultivation
  • Marijuana testing
  • Marijuana retail store

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Our skilled marijuana business attorneys have decades of collective experience in handling some of the most challenging kinds of cases. Representing clients from coast to coast, we are knowledgeable about marijuana laws in different states. We can help you understand the marijuana laws in your own state and help you make sure that your marijuana retail business is compliant with local regulations. We are proud to have a diverse and talented legal team that includes former law professors, prosecutors, judges, and successful business executives that work together to protect the business interests of the men and women we represent.

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Marijuana retail licensing issues can be daunting and complex. We can give you the answers and counsel you need to navigate the process and obtain the license you need to get your business going. We will do everything possible to obtain the most positive outcome possible. Let us help you reach your business goals as you look to invest in the growing marijuana sector.

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  • Background in the drug enforcement arena

    <b>Background</b> in the drug enforcement arena
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    Offering more than <b>10 years</b> of experience in the mj industry
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    Close <b>relationships</b> with state & local officials
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