Social Equity License Applications

Social Equity License Applications

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As the cannabis industry starts to take root on a national basis, one of the most interesting developments is the implementation of social equity programs to encourage entrepreneurs affected by the war on drugs or who come from disadvantaged communities to apply for cannabis business licenses. These license types give priority status to qualifying individuals and businesses to ensure that the benefits of the cannabis industry can be enjoyed by those harmed by the war on drugs. At Cantafio & Song, we have helped clients with the social equity license application process, and we know what it takes to get yours across the finish line.

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  • Background in the drug enforcement arena

    <b>Background</b> in the drug enforcement arena
  • Offering more than 10 years of experience in the mj industry

    Offering more than <b>10 years</b> of experience in the mj industry
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    Close <b>relationships</b> with state & local officials
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