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If you are looking to start a marijuana-related business, it is important to have the appropriate corporate documentation required by state marijuana laws. At Cantafio & Song PLLC, we are knowledgeable about marijuana laws across the nation. We have the skills and resources to take care of all the aspects related to your marijuana business' corporate documentation. We will take care of preparing and filing all the paperwork on your behalf to ensure it is done in an appropriate and timely manner.

We can help you with corporate documentation matters such as:

  • Obtaining a marijuana business license
  • Transfer of business location
  • Transfer of business ownership
  • Changes to corporate structure

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Bringing Decades of Combined Legal Experience to the Table

Our legal team has decades of combined legal experience, which has allowed us to hone our trial skills and approaches to various legal matters. When handling corporate documentation cases, our marijuana business lawyers are meticulous and detail-oriented. Corporate documentation issues can easily become challenges or roadblocks for the successful operation of marijuana-related businesses. Comprised of former prosecutors, judges, and military JAGs, our legal team can tackle even the most complex kinds of legal issues. Because no two businesses are exactly alike, we create customized strategies for each client we represent.

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Corporate documentation issues related to marijuana centers and business can be confusing and daunting. We are here to guide you through the entire legal process. We are readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about marijuana corporate documentation. The success of your business is extremely important to us. Let us take care of all your marijuana corporate documentation needs.

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  • Background in the drug enforcement arena

    <b>Background</b> in the drug enforcement arena
  • Offering more than 10 years of experience in the mj industry

    Offering more than <b>10 years</b> of experience in the mj industry
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    Close <b>relationships</b> with state & local officials
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