John SeckmanBusiness Consultant

John Seckman is an independent business consultant with Feldmann Nagel Margulis, LLC. As managing partner of John Seckman and Associates, he has years of experience providing business management consulting and business valuation services for investors, buyers, and sellers of marijuana businesses.

Mr. Seckman has experience as Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of LivWell Enlightened Health, the nation’s largest marijuana enterprise. He also served as an Agent-in-Charge of the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, which aims to responsibly administer and enforce medical and retail marijuana laws and to regulate them in an equitable manner. Combined with more than 35 years of senior executive experience in both the public and private sectors, John possesses a unique understanding and perspective of the cannabis business that is shared by few others.

Mr. Seckman understands the legal nuances that make the cannabis industry different from any other, including the fact that traditional financial and business practices do not apply to marijuana businesses. With his unique knowledge of the industry, he provides guidance on a variety of potential issues, including ownership restrictions, unique tax liabilities, financial investment restrictions, and state and federal regulatory burdens. With this in mind, Mr. Seckman provides help to his clients so that they can achieve lasting solutions to issues associated with the cannabis industry, grow their businesses, and enjoy future success.